Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (ITC-AICE)

ITC is a technology institute that emerged in 1969, noted for pioneering the university–business cooperation system, which mission is to research, capitalise knowledge, transfer technology, provide updated training, design high-value services for companies, and much else. Its mission is to provide knowledge and services that drive innovation and competitiveness throughout the value chain of the ceramics and related industries.


ITC acts as coordinator of LIFE REPLAY. It role is focused on supporting the design of the separation process, characterizing ceramic inkjet ink wastes, evaluating the project impacts and establishing the replicability and transferability strategy.

Akcoat Recubrimientos Quimicos Especializados S.L.U (AKCOAT)

AKCOAT is a company highly specialized in the manufacturing, sale and distribution of ceramic stains and digital injection inks, counting with a well experienced human team in the ceramic field. The company has branches in several countries. It also counts with a total ecological manufacturing process to respect the Environment and keep wastes under control; to ensure that wastes are sorted at the source, put to good use and disposed of properly; to reduce the amount of waste to mitigate environmental impact; to attach importance to using recycled materials.


AKCOAT acts as an end-user of the separated waste components. Its role is to validate the new ceramic inkjet ink and pigment formulations at pre- and industrial scale

Centro de Tratamiento de Residuos del Mediterráneo Sl (CTR)

CTR is a company dedicated to the integrated management of industrial and non-industrial waste (hazardous, non-hazardous and inert) in a sustainable way. CTR aims to be a reference in the provision of environmental services and in the knowledge management through waste recovery. Indeed, CTR provides global solutions to all the waste for clients from any sector. CTR activities focus on the management and treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.


As an authorized waste manager, CTR’s role is to gather all relevant information on inkjet ink wastes and to operate and validate the prototype for waste treatment and separation.


Keros Cerámica S.L. was founded in 1994, and is located in the town of Nules (Castellón). Its main activity is the manufacture of ceramic floor and wall tiles. Products include a wide range of ceramic tiles, such as glazed ceramic floor and wall tiles. Currently, Keros Ceramica exports to more than 90 countries, which represents 75% of its sales.


KEROS acts as an end-user of the new separated waste components. Its role is to validate the new ceramic formulations at pre- and industrial scale, and to support the replication activities.


Neptury technologies, S.L. is a technology company which main activity consists in making engineering studies and building machine and prototypes, generally destined to the execution of special tasks in different industrial sectors such as medical applications (Product development of a coagulator scalpel by refrigerated radiofrequency, Automatic microkeratome for corneal ablation), automotive sector (Rotary joint for polyurethane application by robot for automotive glass), food sector (induction demoulding of ice cream) and others (Machinery for battery cell assembling, Controlled atmosphere glove boxes).


NEPTURY will build and design the separation prototype and support the replicability of the outcomes obtained as well as their transferability to non-ceramic sectors.