The first public report of LIFE REPLAY is available!

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LIFE REPLAY project finished its first action which was aimed at collecting all the information needed for a successful development and implementation of LIFE REPLAY solution for ceramic inkjet ink waste recycling, and its subsequent transfer to further sectors.

As a result of action “B1. Mapping and analysis of LIFE REPLAY framework”, the project has notably gathered and analysed relevant information regarding waste generation from ceramic inkjet inks (tiles and inkjet ink manufacturing) and legal requirements for their management. This information is summarized in a public report.

First, relevant data related to the Spanish and European producers of ceramic inkjet ink wastes was collected, leading to a mapping of ceramic inkjet ink waste generators. In addition, LIFE REPLAY compiled the legal requirements related to and their management at European level and at country level for Spain, Italy, and Turkey.

This report is now available on LIFE REPLAY webpage and can be consulted here.